Letterpress Classes in Boston, Summer 2015

Welcome to Keith's list of letterpress classes and workshops!
The letterpress classes and workshops listed here are taught by Keith Cross at the Mass Art Press located at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, Massachusetts.

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About Letterpress at Mass Art!
The Mass Art Press has five Vandercook presses: 3 SP15s, a Universal 1 and a 219 Old Style. The shop houses over 350 cases of type in both metal and wood and may be one of the largest letterpress shops for students in New England.

Watch this excellent video about letterpress and book arts at the Mass Art Press!

1-Day Summer Letterpress Workshop

Summer Letterpress Workshop
This workshop is an introduction to letterpress printing and manual type setting. You'll learn to use a job stick, hand-set type from our expanding collection of metal and wood type typefaces and ornaments and then print on a Vandercook flatbed cylinder press. We supply the paper, you supply the ambition! Bring roughly less than half-a-tweet's worth of text to typeset as part of an Exquisite Corpse Poem for the first half. In the afternoon you'll have a chance to set and print an apporpriately sized project (read: feasible in a half-day). Projects examples:
  • thank you cards
  • bookmarks
  • a haiku
  • typographic broadsides
  • concise affirmations
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Not sure? Read a blog post about our Fall 2014 workshop!
You might also like this review of our Spring 2013 workshop.

Schedule: Saturday, June 20, 2015; 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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3-day Summer Letterpress Workshop

Letterpress Fundamentals (3-day Summer Workshop)
This workshop includes an introduction to letterpress printing and manual type setting with metal type, wood fonts and ornaments. You'll learn to compose text and print from existing typefaces, which may be combined with found or hand made images and printed on special papers.

On the first day, bring #less-than-a-tweets-worth of text to typeset and your ideas for a project to print. Apporpriately sized projects (read: feasible in 1-day) include items such as:
  • stationery sets
  • poetry broadsides
  • 8-panel accordion pages for a small book
  • wood type posters
  • concise affirmations
Awesome, you will be! Prevail, you must!

During the workshop, we'll explore the nuances of impression, inking, and paper selection while enhancing your typographic sensitivity through hands-on demonstrations including: typesetting by hand, on-press/in galley page composition, and printing multiples on a Vandercook cylinder press. The class also experiments with overprinting colors and printing illustrations. If you're handy with linoleum cutting tools, you could prepare a block ahead of time (or overnight if you're a real whizzbang!). Manual dexterity is necessary, of course, but more importanly patience and a thirst for letterpress! And patience, did I mention that?

Schedule: August 7-9, 2015;
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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